Industrial components

Honeywell Industrial Combustion is your complete solution partner in Industrial Process Heating.

We offer a wide range of safety controls that cover a multitude of industrial burner applications :
shut-off, regulating ad throttle valves, burner controls, flame monitoring, fuel air ratio controls and actuators. Specifications and approvals cover applications in Europe, USA and Asia Pacific.

Flame scanners

A range of Flame Monitoring Systems is available, that are used in the Petro-chemical, Pulp and Paper, Power Generation industries, as well as applications where the detection, monitoring and control of furnaces and boilers are required. The Flame Monitoring Systems portfolio include Ultraviolet and Infrared Viewing Heads, single, dual and three channel Signal Processors, an all-in-one integrated solution and Flare Stack Monitors. To further enhance these products, there is also a range of Fibre Optic extension solutions for tilting burners and to monitor flame in hostile environments where higher temperatures, vibration and/or accessibility are problems.


We offer various models of microprocessor-based industrial burner controls for automatically fired gas, oil or combination fuel single or multi burner applications, for all type of burners with unlimited capacity and for intermittent or continuous operation, depending on the model.


The Modutrol servo motors are used for damper and valve control in industrial burner applications and air handling installations.


We offer a wide range of solenoid safety shut-off single and dual gas valves for use in various industrial and commercial burner applications, as well as semi-automatic and normally open vent valves.

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