Maxon Industrial Combustion Systems

Covering a wide range of applications in ovens, dryers, incinerators, furnaces and for a wide variety of combustion fuels such as natural gas, biogas, hydrogen, LPG and oil, Honeywell offers complete custom built systems. These energy efficient installations are highly engineered according to the prevailing regulations and standards, developed in close co-operation with the customer.

For special applications, combustion systems can be developed in our R&D facility, which is available for application testing of customer’s processes.

Engineered Solutions

Honeywell offers complete custom-built combustion systems and equipment engineered according to the prevailing regulations and standards. Those systems consist of a burner, pipe-train, control panel and a combustion chamber.


Honeywell offers a wide range of industrial burners for most every industrial heating application.


Honeywell fuel trains and supply skids assure a trouble-free operation of your installation in professionally built packages. For gas and oil burners, Honeywell fuel trains can be standard built or custom-built.

Control panels

Honeywell control panels provide the primary operator interface with combustion systems of varying sizes to meet your expectations.

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